We learned from the cover story for Vogue from Rihanna in June 2018 that she was preparing for a reggae album. Shortly after a study from Rolling Stone, we also discovered that some of the largest manufacturers and authors in dancehall had presented 500 songs in hopes they would worship the queen and be considered worthy of their upcoming fifth studio album.

The recent R9 news development demonstrates that this reggae-centered album’s dream is still alive. On Friday, through her publisher, BMI, a Rihanna fan page shared a picture on Twitter of a registration for a fresh Rihanna song. The song is called “Private Loving,” and the credits include the Jamaican dancehall and reggae artist, Demarco.

When Demarco was reached out for comment by Rihanna’s fan page, he was first confused about how they obtained this document and then expressed his shock by referring to it as “Maddd.” British singer-songwriter Monique Lawz is also credited on the track, replying to the details of the song, writing: “I CANNOT BREATHE!!!!!.”

Given these answers from both Demarco and Lawz, it seems that the artists who send in references are not notified that they were chosen by Rihanna in the release phase of the album until later. After hearing more dancehall-influenced tracks from Rihanna, such as “Work” and “Rude Boy,” we are sure to come in for a treat every time R9 comes. But we’re waiting.


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