She is the PR Dynamo known for her high-end taste and love of costly designers clothing and accessories. And on Wednesday, Roxy Jacenko splurged on a new Rolex watch just hours after spotting it on Instagram sold for an eye-watering $320,000.

The 39-year-old flaunted on her wrist the Rainbow Daytona Rolex in rose gold, just five hours after commenting on a watch picture on the Time Keeper Boutique website asking: ‘Is that in shop now?’ After making the pricey purchase, Roxy shared a snap to her 243,000 followers, captioning the post: ‘How could you not, I mean it’s collectors after all?’

The classic watch features 36 sapphires laid around its frame in a bright rainbow gradient and is offset with 56 amazing outside diamonds. The dial is lacquered in black and bejewelled with 18krt of rose gold crystals.

This is not the first time the star of the reality TV show I Am… Roxy! has flaunted her extravagant A-list lifestyle to her adoring fans.  The blonde entrepreneur and founder of Sweaty Betty PR has also given her fans a peek inside her outrageously-expensive designer handbag collection in the past.

A quick glance of her Instagram also reveals she likes expensive wines, bespoke clothing and pricey shoes – all housed in her luxurious $6.5 million Sydney mansion, located in the ocean front suburb of Vaucluse.

Earlier this month, Roxy revealed to Daily Mail Australia what she spends in a month on designer clothes. ‘I am being conservative at $30K,’ confessed Roxy. ‘If you were to look at my debit card bill, it would be between $80,000 and $100,00 a month,’ added the PR maven, who is the first to admit she shops ‘every single day’. ‘But that’s for everything!’

However, the self-made millionaire isn’t reckless with money. In fact, her glittering lifestyle is well within her means. ‘Do I spend? Yes, I’m a f***ing shocking spender, but I work hard, I live within my means and I make no apologies for it,’ she added.


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