Let me guide you on how excel more in mini importation and online shops. Its not easy for one to grow rapidly in this business but knowing the the simple steps in it will give you ultimate financial freedom you didn’t expect.

Note: To maintain 5 to 7 figures income in this area you must identify your ultimate products, a product that can not be resisted when presented to a customers or your clients and a product that its need will be required in thier day-to-day activities. This are the simple tips on the type of products required for you to succeed.

1: The Product That Amaze Consumers 

This the kind of products that when presented to customers, they will be like “wow does this really exist” or “i cant believe this” . This products is ultimate and will sale itself.

2: The Product That Brings Up “I Need It”

This is are the product that give the customer a view of a problem solved. This products are seen as problem solvers for one or two problems your customer is facing and that will make him or her to say “i need this product in my life”. That is an awesome product.

3: The Product That Brings “How Do I Get It” 

If you product, with the combination of 1 and 2 tips can get to this then that is your ultimate product. With this you have won yourself a big deal, that after he/she confirms your product they will all turn to be your advertisers and they all be willing to give you their money just to get your product.

As you follow this tips and put it into practice to increase your chances of succeeding in this market,  just be aware of common mistakes, the kind of customer or person you approach to advertise your good and also the platforms you make use of to advertise your business. For any mistake done can lead to low traffic i.e low sales or even get you bankrupt. “The world is no bed of roses”. Thank you.



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