Nicki Minaj knows the come-up’s importance. Having emerged prominently through recordings such as the classic Beam Me Up Scotty, a veteran of the mixtape age, Nicki probably saw a kindred spirit of sorts in Pop Smoke. Smoke has continuously gained traction in case you are unaware, with on-foot accounts pointing to a full-blown takeover of New York. Be sure to check out Smoke’s latest Meet The Woo tape, a nine-song introduction to his talents, if you’re willing to jump on the car before it becomes a bandwagon.

Nicki Minaj now looks forward to paying for it. The Queen has formally shifted to bless Pop Smoke with some vocals after a latest remix of DaBaby’s “Suge,” in which she took it back to her gulliest age. During a latest performance, Nicki presented her version, finding her spitting bars at a fast-fire pace, a style that is missing from some of her latest solo job. She’s totally bodybuilding it here, demonstrating that when tested, her flow stays sharp.

While it’s uncertain when the complete track will reach streaming services, be ensured that Pop Smoke will probably appreciate the Barbz-boost honorary, adding extra legs to his already increasing banger. Is it reasonable to say that Nicki is back on her BS between this and “Suge?” Sound down below.


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