Nicki Minaj stands by her man and hits naysayers back. The rap star, commonly criticized for dating convicted felon Kenneth ‘ Zoo’ Petty, bashed criticism, stating they have no right to doubt her decisions in life.

‘When a person is with a n**** that loved them before they had a dime in their pocket?’ the Anaconda hitmaker emphatically proclaimed during her Queen Radio show. ‘How do you not understand that? How do you not understand happiness versus clout? How f***ing dare you talk about lowering standards,’ the 36-year-old star added.

Minaj went to insist that she has her relationship priorities are in the right order and that she’s happy Petty is not famous in his own right. ‘It’s the truth, money cannot buy me happiness and good sex.’

Petty’s disturbing criminal history involves a 16-year-old girl’s attempted rape when he was 16 in 1994. He went to jail for nearly four years for the crime and was recorded in New York as a two-tier sex offender, indicating that he is at moderate danger of committing the crime again.

Petty, who grew up in Queens, like Minaj in New York, has been detained over the years several times. In one of the instances, for his participation in a man’s lethal shooting, he served seven years in prison for homicide.

The couple together have a lengthy history, first dating when she was only 16 years old and he was 21 years old. The age of approval for New York is 17. Possible to play a de facto or fictional game with her art, Minaj seems to say she’s involved with Petty on her verse on the fresh Chance The Rapper song, Zanies And Fools, published Friday.

She was also pregnant on the stage by the singer and actress (born Onika Maraj). ‘He the Clyde to my Bonnie, ’bout to walk down the aisle and be a mommy,’ she raps.


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