NASA has created a cutting – edge wing that will enable the space agency to create an aircraft capable of mid – flight shape change. The real – life transformer is still a concept, but in order to control its flight it would be able to manipulate its form. A combination of rigid and flexible components enables her to deform at her pilot’s will.

The innovative wing incorporates a mixture of rigid and flexible components that enable the entire wing to be deformed. Because of a clever mechanism that involves bolting separate components within the structure to its immediate neighbors, it is lighter and more flexible than existing designs.

A lattice structure then consists of cube – like structures and makes it much lighter than current alternatives. Then the wing material has a density of 5.6 kg per cubic metre, while the density of rubber is around 1,500 kg per cubic metre.

It is designed to make use of various specifically optimized configurations for various parts of the flight, including take – off, cruising and landing. Nicholas Cramer, co – author of the study, said: ‘ By matching the shape to the loads at different angles of attack, we can gain efficiency.

‘We’re able to produce the exact same behaviour you would do actively, but we did it passively.’  ‘A wing that is constantly deformable could provide a much better approximation of the best configuration for each stage,’ MIT explains in an online statement.

The current prototype on a single – seater plane is about 18 feet (five meters) long, about the size of a real wing. Designs build on previous 3-foot (one meter) long models and claim to have streamlined the process.


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