“Na Real Fear Women Be This”😅🤣: Woman Tries to Cheat Beans Seller With Her Sack, TikTok Video Trends

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  • A video of a woman and a beans seller has stirred massive reactions online as she tried to outsmart him
  • The seller who caught the woman twice trying to con him into getting more than she paid for became angry
  • Many Nigerians who watched the video found the woman’s act funny as they said they well relate to the situation


A funny video shared by a young man, @soljaboimmt, has captured the moment a woman was buying beans from a hawker.

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At the beginning of the video, the woman placed her sack into the man’s wheelbarrow as he measured beans in white plastic.


When the man was going to pour the beans into her sack, the man her sack to scooped more from his barrow, the trader warned her. On the second measurement, the woman kept pressing the beans so more could be crammed into the plastic.


The woman repeated the same action, and even more, the second time the trader poured the beans in her sack. He got vexed, took her sack and poured his beans back.


Watch the video below:

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