The family, friends, and supporters of Kevin Hart are all grateful that the comedian is on the path to recovery after the terrifying car accident in which he was engaged over the weekend. According to the reports, Kevin was with his spouse, Eniko, and his colleagues Jared Black and Rebecca Broxterman at his home in Calabasas before the incident.

The band wasn’t doing anything wild or out of the ordinary, but Kevin, Jared, and Rebecca were inside the actor’s Plymouth Barracuda in the early morning hours when they careened off the side of the road and landed in a ditch.

The 911 call was recently released that stated Kevin, who was riding shotgun as a passenger, needed to be removed from the vehicle through the driver’s side window. He underwent back surgery and according to his wife he’s doing just fine, but now TMZ shares details of Kevin’s injuries. The publication states that Kevin suffered three fractures in his spine and doctors were plagued with the task of fusing those fractures together.

According to TMZ’s report, “two fractures occurred in his spine’s thoracic segment and one in the lumbar”. The actor is supposedly suffering a tremendous quantity of pain but keeping it at bay because most of the moment he has been strongly medicated. Although it is presumed that his path to rehabilitation is a lengthy one, it is anticipated that Kevin will make a complete recovery.


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