Michael Jackson’s 83-year old mother, Katherine Jackson, as of late plunked down for a meeting with 60 Minutes Australia for a private discussion about her late child. The grandma talked on the troubles hidden bringing up her grand-kids Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson and thought of it as somewhat harder than her first-go round bringing up her nine kids with Joe Jackson. As Katherine Jackson clarified her demolition following her child’s passing, she checked Michael’s death as having “caused issues from numerous points of view.”

Further testing by the questioner drove the mother to uncover her position on the re-started sexual maltreatment claims encompassing her perished child. In reference to the court cases and charges Jackson confronted while alive, Katherine expressed: “It was difficult for me since I knew all the time that Michael didn’t do it. I had no uncertainty. I realize he didn’t do it…both families lied.” Furthermore, the crooner’s mom uncovered she trusted one explicit informer, Wade Robson, was lying about what occurred thus to get an offer of Jackson’s domain.

“Wade Robson is lying through his teeth and he knows it. And anybody can say it that knows it, knows Michael. Wade knows better. Wade just wants money,” were Katherine Jackson’s exact words. The denial closely follows the investigation of both Michael Jackson’s childrenand his estate surrounding the Leaving Neverlanddocumentary. Several loopholes have been called out and we are certain to obtain more information on this soon.


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