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Kanayo O. Kanayo Reacts As Man Says He’s Afraid Of Him Because Of His Ritual Movies

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Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo has shared a post from a fan that shed light on how the portrayal of his movie roles has deeply impacted the fan’s perception of him.


The fan took to social media to express his concerns, revealing that he had been exposed to movies featuring the actor as a money ritualist during his childhood, which resulted in a lasting impression.

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According to the fan’s account, he still fears meeting Kanayo O. Kanayo in person, even as an adult, due to the persistent association of the actor with ritualistic characters from his past movies.


The fan sought advice from fellow netizens on how to overcome this entrenched perception and dissociate the actor from his on-screen roles.


“…always afraid to go greet him. While growing up, Nollywood painted him as an unrepentant and cheerful ritualist, and as a child, I grew up with that mentality about him, today, even as a full grown man I’m still afraid of him I don’t even know why.

“Do you know as it stands now, I can’t eat on the same plate with KOK or even seat close to him. I don’t know why Nollywood capitalized on a particular role for him, making merchandise of him via ritual roles.


“Is it not time they switch roles for him, maybe make him a permanent genuine man of God or good man so that the new generation will not see him the way we saw him while growing up. He needs a total rebranding.

“Nollywood, please stop over laboring actors with 90% same roles. I heard he’s a very good man but I’m terrified to go close to him less he use me for ritual. How do I come out of my fantasy about KOK??,” the fan wrote in part.


Kanayo O. Kanayo upon encountering the fan’s post, decided to address the issue directly. He shared a screenshot of the fan’s message on his Instagram page and reached out to his followers for advice.

“Dear Friends, please advise this man,” the actor wrote.


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