Recently, Jay-Z was named the first billionaire of hip-hop, a feat achieved not only by the intensity of his music, but also by his skilful company movements. He has put a lot of effort into producing films and documentaries like The Great Gatsby, Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story and more over the past few years. It is now revealed that a brand new film will be produced for the largest film and T.V. Right now, streaming platforms.

On the upcoming Netflix film, The Harder They Fall, Jay-Z is set to serve as the producer per collider. The film serves as the directorial debut of Jeymes Samuel and starring Jonathan Majors. The film focuses on Nat Love, who finds out that the murderer of his parents will quickly be released from jail. He and his former gang are seeking vengeance on the murderer of Love’s parents.

The film was originally intended to be filmed a couple of years ago and had already attached to it a star-studded cast. Michael K. Williams was the leader while Wesley Snipes was the antagonist. The film included Rosario Dawson, Erykah Badu, and more.

Aside from his position as a producer in The Harder They Fall, previously today it was announced that Jay-Z’s Roc Nation teamed up with Meek Mill to launch Dream Chasers Records. Jay-Z is obviously striving for more, even with a billion in the bank.


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