December 9, 2023

A group of young girls have shared their requirements for a potential suitor for the December festive season.


One girl who seems like the ringleader kept listing out the requirements while the rest of them chanted, “Avoid us”.


Among the list of things the potential man should have, she listed a GLK, CLK, house amongst other expensive items.


In her words; “If you nor get GLK, avoid us! Or even CLK, avoid us! If you nor fit buy me bone straight, avoid us! Or even bouncing, avoid us!”


“You nor get your own house, avoid me o! You not fit buy me pixie curls, avoid me!


Paste aza, nahin I want!!!”



See how netizens reacted below:


@somto_big reacted: “People wey Dey share thesame pant , 1 pant 4 days each”


@_oluwaseun9 wrote: “i just know that room go dey sméll”


@RemedyConez said: “Ah Yahoo boys don finis.h us for this country. See small girls wey suppose dey do their CRK assignments dey find GLKIt’s well”


@STARPAPII added: “Blessing CEO talk am say this people na ashawo una no dey ever gree for am”


@Onlineguru_ said: “You can’t force me to buy you what your father can’t afford… get a life”

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