December 9, 2023

  • A pregnant woman who said she woke up to urinate ended up making eba for herself around 2 am in the morning
  • In a video she posted on TikTok, the expectant mother said that her baby demanded for the food and she had to obey
  • Funny reactions have trailed the video as some women share similar experiences during their own pregnancy

A pregnant woman has posted a video on TikTok showing when she ate eba by 2 am in the morning.

In the video posted on TikTok by @berry__china, the woman was seen in the kitchen holding a plate of soup and eating voraciously.


The pregnant woman ate eba by 2am in the night. Photo credit: TikTok/@berry_china.Source: TikTok

She said in the video that she only woke up to urinate but that her unborn baby demanded for food.

Pregnant woman eating in the kitchen by 2am

According to her, she went straight into the kitchen and prepared eba for herself in obedience to the baby.

She did not leave the kitchen as she sat right there and ate the food, swallowing in a very funny way.

She swallowed lump after lump of eba, eating voraciously. The funny video has gained traction and received many reactions from TikTok users.

Some women who reacted equally shared their own experiences during pregnancy.

Watch the video below:

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Reactions from TikTok users

@AJOKE_ADE said:

“Facing the same thing here. Safe delivery to all pregnant moms. Biko its not easy.”

@Lilian reacted:

“I envy you. Me I do not have the appetite to eat anything and I have lost weight.”

@Oby Ikeanyionwu commented:

“Safe delivery to all the pregnant women in Jesus’ name Amen.”

@joyogbodo9 said:

“God I want this joy of pain.”

@tutulistic25 commented:

“I can relate. Wishing you safe delivery.”

@Kelly Beauty said:

“Me way like food like say tomorrow no dey. I can’t wait to start expressing dis stage too.”

@Ohemaaconny said:

“I was facing the same thing when I was pregnant.”

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