After plying her and her friend with ice, the 37 year old man with HIV infected the underage girl more than half of his age when he had sex with her. Noor Panjshiri picked up the 16-year-old girl near Dandenong in Melbourne in June 2017 and drove her to his home, where he gave her and a 14-year-old girl methamphetamine, the County Court heard on Friday.

Noor Panjshiri, who knew at the time that he was infected with HIV, then had sex with the teenager unprotected and did not tell her that he had the virus. The girl said she vomited and felt unwell after having sex with Panjshiri during a recorded interview and was diagnosed with HIV nearly a month later.

A doctor said it was ‘ highly plausible ‘ at the end of June, around the same date they had sex, the girl became infected. He was found guilty of several charges, including negligently causing serious injury, at the County Court in Melbourne on Friday, and two counts of supplying a child with a drug of dependence.

Panjshiri, also known as ‘ Chris, ‘ did not regularly take his antiviral medication and had a ‘ risky ‘ viral load, the court heard. The offender denied having sex with the girl, arguing that someone else had infected her with the HIV. Panjshiri has been remanded and will be subsequently sentenced.


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