A 17-year-old young lady was discovered dead toward the beginning of today subsequent to being assaulted and having skin stripped off from her face in the Philippines.

Christine Silawan, an evaluation nine understudy, had been headed to chapel on Sunday evening yet when she didn’t return home her mom Joan alarmed the police to her little girl’s vanishing at 7pm.

At the beginning of today police found the young person, whose face had been cleaned, leaving only her skull, teeth, eyes and hair on one side of her head, dead in an empty field in Barangay Bangkal, with her pants and clothing expelled.

She was most recently seen at 4pm with three men in Lapu-Lapu City in the Cebu territory.

After local people in the region detailed the young lady’s body to the police, Christine’s mom was left to distinguish her little girl from her garments.

Police Colonel Lemuel Obon, Lapu-Lapu City police executive, stated: ‘We have observers who said three men were seen with the person in question. We are presently following their whereabouts.’

Officers said that they speculated the adolescent had been assaulted and are currently sitting tight for the after death examination results.

They trust the executioners could have been high on unlawful medications or evacuated the young lady’s face as a major aspect of a turned custom.

Colonel Obon included: ‘Police are examining all thought processes about whether the youthful unfortunate casualty was the subject of an unjustifiable assault and if the suspects were affected by medications.

‘We have never observed such a fierce wrongdoing. It could likewise be a custom to expel the skin from the face. The mother of the young lady recognized her from her garments.’

Following the adolescent’s demise companions paid tribute to the ‘wonderful, smart’ young lady.

Haring Joseph stated: ‘Rest in harmony, my companion and my sympathies to the majority of your family. May the police discover whoever did this.’

Police are presently chasing for the executioners behind the awful wrongdoing.


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