The death toll from floods in Karnataka, Kerala, and Maharashtra’s Indian economic hub has increased to 147, government officials said on Sunday, as rescue teams raced to evacuate individuals and waters submerged sections of a world heritage site.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals were compelled to take refuge in relief camps by heavy rain and landslides, while train services were cancelled in several flood-hit regions. At least 57 individuals were murdered in rain-related events in the southern state of Kerala, while more than 165,000 individuals were in state aid camps, state officials said on Sunday.

‘Several houses are still covered under 10-12 feet deep mud. This is hampering rescue work,’ state chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said.

Authorities concerned about rescue activities would be struck in some areas of Kerala by thunderstorms and expected rainfall. Over 200 individuals have been murdered in Kerala last year and more than five million have been impacted by one of the worst floods in the state over 100 years.

Seasonal moonsoon rains from June to September are a vital lifeline for Indian agrarian society, providing 70 percent of the country’s rainfall, but also bringing death and destruction to their wake each year.

Several buildings have been flooded in Karnataka at world heritage site Hampi, an ancient town. Sixty individuals have died in rain-related events so far, state chief minister B S Yediyurappa said, adding nearly 227,000 individuals in relief camps were staying.

While this year’s worst hit were Karnataka, Kerala, and Maharashtra, several other countries including Gujarat, Assam, and Bihar also experienced heavy flood harm. According to state-run All India Radio, in Maharashtra, where the death toll was at 30, the flood condition improved, although officials said it would be hard to restore rail facilities within the next two weeks in some flood-hit regions.

India’s primary opposition Congress party called for aid packages from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Citing media reports, the Congress party said 446 individuals were murdered in six flood-hit countries, including Assam, Bihar and Gujarat, so far this year.

‘Despite the mammoth loss of lives and displacement caused due to floods, the government is failing to realise the gravity of the flood fury,’ the Congress party said in a statement on Sunday.


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