For a number of reasons, men and females choose plastic surgery. Often because of your appearance, the choice arises from a lack of self-esteem. If a surgeon can help you or look at your peak physique, why don’t you go if you have the dough? Right? Cardi B was extremely open about the processes she had to look her best with her fans.

The superstar rapper admitted to go under the knife for her breasts and liposuction after having baby Kulture last year. The surgeries had some complications, leading her to cancel a couple of shows in the days that followed, but she’s back now and better than ever. She’s even joking about her breast augmentation, teasing fans that the only reason she got it was to finally be able to hang out in the pool.

Cardi B just wants to get into the pool on a warm day and cool off, never learning how to swim. She’s joking with her loyal supporters though it wasn’t that simple for her to jump into the pool without drowning potentially before she got her boobs done. “I can’t swim so I bought those titties so I can float,” the recording artist wrote on a photo of herself showing off her assets in a top view. Bardi also made her debut with some fresh braids in the shot, adding color with purple, blue and pink coloring to her signature look.


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