After forcing his wife to be to drink acid, burning her internal organs, and causing her to die in agony ‘squirming like a worm,’ a man has been imprisoned for 19 years. A Russian court was told that driver Alexander Larin, 33, poisoned Olga Ryadchikova, 42, in front of her distracted five-year-old son who saw her writhing in appalling pain.

The dangerous acid caused her internal organs ‘ chemical burns, ‘ pharynx, oesophagus, stomach, upper respiratory tract, and ‘ serious toxic damage. ‘ The woman was subjected to torture for three days as she burned inside, was unable to walk, eat and drink, and then died of acute poisoning. Her son Nikita watched her terrible suffering and was the main testimony against the man who was soon to become his stepfather. He remains memorially ‘ hunted. ‘

A wedding was planned between the beauty therapist and the killer Larin. The boy said: ‘ He made my mummy drink white beer, and she spat it out like a fountain … She was lying in the corridor and squirming like a worm. ‘ Larin claimed that the woman voluntarily drank the acid used to pickle cucumbers in diluted quantities. The court found that he also cruelly prevented her from receiving medical treatment.

The judge in Chita rejected his claim of innocence. The court found that she was forced to drink a cocktail of 70%-strength acetic acid of at least 50 milliliters. Nikita said how my mummy looked in my eyes. She then closed her eyes and did not open them again. “Mother Galina of Olga said: ‘ He saw the body of his mother being taken away. He thinks these were physicians. He is still waiting for her to be healed and permitted back home. ‘

At the 19-year sentence, aunt Valentina Fominykh of the victims, 66, who found her dead in the flat, hit out. ‘Life was supposed to have given him,’ she said. ‘Such a person must never be free….he’s going to harm someone else.’ Lanin had called an ambulance claiming his lover was trying to kill himself. But post-mortem tests showed she died of appalling pain with the acid burning her inside. His mother’s grandmother is now raising Olga’s child.


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