Model:BMW 330i Steptronic
Price:R652 415
Engine:2,0-litre, four-cyl, turbopetrol
Power:190 kW
Torque:400 N.m
0-100 km/h:5,8 sec
Top Speed:250 km/h
Fuel Consumption:6,4 L/100 km
CO2:147 g/km
Transmission:8-spd automatic
Maintenance Plan:M5/100 000 km

BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant is pegged as one of the new car’s technological highlights; an automotive PA that can waft you with cool air, blue lighting and vigorous music from your on-board collection when drowsy, or sniff out good restaurants and other points of interest, all the while learning your preferences and moulding itself to your lifestyle. As with many voice-driven infotainment systems the implementation is hit and miss, but maybe time and practice will change that.


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