Friday night, police say, a man wearing a MAGA cap attacked another man with a sword outside a roller – skating rink in San Francisco. The victim is said to have grabbed the red ‘ Make America Great Again ‘ hat of the assailant before being stabbed in his hand during the bloody confrontation.

The suspect in the MAGA hat is said to have approached him and a row broke out. The red hat, a symbol of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, can be seen laying on the sidewalk surrounded by blood in shocking images posted online.

David Miles, eyewitness, said: ‘ I came out. The guy was cut, like you wouldn’t believe he was bleeding. He was just gushing blood, so we got the first aid kit inside and tried to stop the bleeding. “Miles posted on Facebook a shocking picture of the aftermath of the incident. It was showing the red hat near a blood pool.

Other pictures show the cap left on the floor after the victim is said to have chased his assailant before realizing the extent of his injuries. Miles added: ‘ This is the last thing that you think will happen. I’m very, very, very anxious. I really don’t know what to think about. ‘

Scott Sweeney, 24, said he heard a cry of homophobic slurs from the attacker. He added: ‘ I didn’t think it was a real sword in my mind until we came out later and the police were on the scene and blood and hat were on the ground.

‘ Originally, the victim, who was stabbed in the hand, had been wearing the hat, but later changed their statement. They are now said to be hunting for the sword – wielding assailant after he fled the scene and after being called to the scene around 9:50 p.m. they are searching for security footage from the night. To the stabbing reports.

Officer Robert Rueca told The San Francisco Chroniclethat the unnamed victim, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, was approached by another man and the two got into an argument.

MAGA (Make America Great Again) was the slogan of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign but the hats have become the subject of increasing controversy in recent months. Anyone with information is asked to call investigators on 415-575-4444.


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