Apple is offering anyone who can hack $1million to break the safety protections of the tech giant product “IPhone” remotely. It’s a substantial rise in reward from the $200,000 ‘bounty program ‘ prize that Apple has been running since 2016 to encourage hackers to work with the business instead of targeting it and it’s consumers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made protecting privacy a top priority.

At the Black Hat Technology Security Conference in Las Vegas on Thursday, CNET reports, hackers will have a opportunity to win the larger payout beginning this autumn. With safety breaches growing, Apple CEO Tim Cook has called privacy a’ human right,’ making it clear that Apple is serious about not gathering private data and maintaining its 2 billion clients around the globe secure from hackers.

‘This is not something that we just started last week, when we saw something happening. We’ve been doing this for years,’ he told MSNBC.

Just last month, in the latest massive data breach in a large corporation, a hacker accessed the personal information of 106 million Capital One credit card holders or credit card applicants in the U.S. and Canada. Apple is not alone in providing benefits to hackers, though much less has been provided by other businesses. Rival Google announced in July that it was offering $30,000 to individuals who might discover faults in their Chrome browser, reports from CNET.

Krstić also said that next year, a restricted amount of easy-to-hack iPhones will be distributed to anyone who can find device bugs. Apple intends to make distribution easier to avoid hackers turning around and selling vulnerabilities to hackers providing a greater cost than Apple. ‘We want to attract exceptional researchers who have been focused on other platforms,’ Krstic said.


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