Amazon has some shifting employees. If by chance any of your Amazon returns took a lengthy time, it may or may not have to do with a possible internal robbery ring going on. According to NBC, due to two Amazon delivery drivers who took advantage of their job, the scam has been going on for the past six years.

As the claims go, the two drivers are hired to drive to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to pick up items that will be returned to the company and then transferred to the Amazon warehouse south of Seattle to the post office later.

These two males (also called roommates) regularly carried the products to pawnshops for sale, though. An unidentified driver was detained but released later in order not to disturb the investigation’s bigger scale. One of the drivers reportedly stole property worth $100,000, identified as Abbas Zghair, while the other unidentified man is accused of $100,000.

“When we learned there was an investigation into two contracted drivers, we cooperated with law enforcement by providing them the information they requested. Additionally, we strictly prohibit inauthentic or stolen goods from being offered in our store and take action when sellers do not comply,” Amazon wrote in a statement.


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